Apple TV Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

As all the apple TV user’s are aware of the facts that Apple TV universal remote control are great sources for connectivity but it also has some limitations alongside amazing features. If you would like to control your Blu-ray player and similar connected devices with a single remote, then it will be a nice idea to configure your Apple TV with a universal remote control. You can use any universal remote control to program with your Apple TV but all the remotes are not compatible so firstly you need to check the user manual and its compatibility guide to understand the remote features before setting up with Apple TV.

Can we integrate Apple TV with a Universal Remote?

Apple TV is compatible to work with most of universal Infrareds (IR) remote controls. However, each and every remote doesn’t support Apple TV, so you need to do some healthy research before purchasing any universal remote for your Apple TV device. Only buy universal remotes that support Apple TV and works properly with it.

How to program a Universal Remote with Apple TV?

The specific steps to setup the universal remote with apple tv depends on its brand, so review and analyze the manual that comes with the remote. Some high-end remote control devices have specific features that can be setup only with a software patch over USB.

Follow the below given steps to configure your apple tv with universal remote control once after the remote is powered on.

  1. By using the Apple TV Remote control, choose Settings on the Apple TV home screen.
  2. Now select Remotes & Devices.
  3. Choose & Click Learn Remote.
  4. From the universal remote control, press Start. If that doesn’t comes handy, make sure that remote is on and you are using a new device settings.
  5. Tap and hold the up button from the remote until you see the progress bar completely filled.
  6. Now you have to follow all the on-screen instructions carefully to finish up with assigning buttons. If you receive a no signal message, check the resources and make sure that there are no objects between the universal remote and apple TV.
  7. Give a specific name for your remote controls (if you would like) to easily identify it and then select done.
  8. Choose Set Up playback buttons to assign play, stop, pause or rewind, and fast forward option buttons.

When you finish up the complete process, you will be able to use the universal remote to control most of the functions on your apple Tv.

Troubleshoots problems and Solutions:

If you have previously integrated another universal remote control with your apple tv device. Then probably you may get a Button Already learned message while attempting to setup the new control button. You can unpair or remove the old remote even if you have no longer access to the device. You can do so by going through the Apple TV Settings.